July 17, 2006


I am here. My blog main page is blank. I have been busy.

Since we last chatted I have:
roadtripped for over 3000 km
done a 14 km crossing on Georgian Bay (twice!)
paddled Isle Royale from Rock Harbor to Windigo
taken my kayak down the Thessalon from Rock Lake to Ottertail
climbed the bluffs of my childhood at camp
destroyed the waterproofing on my tent
rewaterproofed tent
had car repairs done (this one is neverending)
obessed about my garden, ignored my garden
visited with my sister, my sort-of brother in law, and the bump on my sister's belly that will be my niece (or I suppose nephew, but I believe niece)
celebrated my 35th birthday
fallen in like with Grand Marais, Minnesota
picked up a bunch of information for an Apostles Islands trip
eaten a lot of chocolate, drunk a lot of beer
gotten excited about upcoming August adventures
cleared up what looked like an I94 overstay but wasn't (it happened thanks to a not very attentive United Airlines gate attendant in Denver in April 2005, it was cleared up thanks to a very nice DHS person in Pigeon River, Minnesota)
not slept very much
not updated the blog with all this new content


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