"What's wrong?"
"Boredom, Tyler. Boredom, that's what's wrong. And how do you beat boredom Tyler?
Adventure. Adventure, Tyler."

Here's the thing: I have these moments when I realize that I'm both living a life I never dreamed possible, and one that I can't really justify.

As a child, I endlessly obsessed about other places, but the assumption was simply that I would never get to go there. My family wasn't the type to take vacations to exotic destinations (or go on trips, period). The one time we left the country and/or went on a plane trip was when we moved from southern Germany to northern Ontario, Canada. That was it. For years, I thought that even - ever - seeing Germany again was out of reach for me. Getting into planes and going places for no reason - you just don't *do* that.

Now, in my 30s, I very much do that. I am still excited, each and every time, when I have the opportunity to go to places I only knew about through books and encyclopedias (oh, how I used to envy people who had *encyclopedias*, even. I was a geek from the time I could read. Maybe even earlier.) It still doesn't feel real, the lifestyle I've been leading over the last few years. This notion that it's pretty easy to just *go* somewhere, it doesn't sit as easily with me as you might think. There's not just the whole emissions guilt (and of that, there is plenty) but also this sense that I am walking a fine line to entitled brat.

And yet... one of the things I like best about my life is getting to see new things, and having interesting friends. I know some terribly interesting people, and always want to know more. So e-mail me.

And yes, that guy is my brother. So is this guy.

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Trip Report Archive (see the blog for more frequent updates)
Date Location & Details  
July 2007 Somewhere near the Naiscoot, kayak trip  
July 2007 Sibley-Rossport, kayak trip  
July 2007 Massassauga Park, kayak weekend  
April 2007 Desert roads and penguins, northern Chile  
April 2007 Tourist, Valparaiso, Chile  
April 2007 Generic touristing, Santiago, Chile  
February 2007 Pipestone Loops and Lake Louise, Alberta
November 2006 Palliser's Triangle, eastern Alberta  
November 2006 Chinese Ethnic Culture Museum, Beijing  
November 2006 Great Wall of China ; a walk from Janshanling to Simatai
November 2006 Beijing, China ; make like the tourist I am  
September 2006 Massassauga Park ; kayak weekend
August 2006 Visiting an ocelot kitten in Panama  
August 2006 Hike near Miramar, Panama ; overnight backpack
August 2006 Bird Island, Panama ; daytrip  
August 2006 In the jungle, Bocas del Toro, Panama
August 2006 Lake Superior Provincial Park ; Kayak trip
July 2006 Isle Royale National Park (USA) ; Kayak trip
July 2006 Western Islands ; GLSKA trip
June 2006 Massassauga Provincial Park ; GLSKA trip
June 2006 Fathom Five National Marine Park ; GLSKA trip
May 2006 Lower Madawaska River ; Long weekend ww canoe trip
May 2006 Eramosa River ; Canoe daytrip
May 2006 Lake Opeongo ; Early season kayak weekend
April 2006 Saskatchewan ; field trip for work  
April 2006 Snake Islands ; Earliest Georgian Bay trip yet
April 2006 Lake Ontario ; Early season kayak daytrip
March 2006 Horseshoe Valley ; Spring cross-country skiing
March 2006 Scenic Caves and Duntroon ; Cross-country ski weekend
March 2006 Fagernes, Norway ; Cross-country skiing and log cabin weekend
March 2006 Open-air museum, Oslo ; off-off day on work trip part 2
March 2006 Vigeland Park, Oslo ; goof-off day on work trip
December 2005 Igloo building in Deep River
December 2005 Outside the Soo ; goofing off at home
December 2005 Tunnel Mountain and Johnston Canyon, Banff ; dayhikes
December 2005 Sulphur Mountain, Banff ; dayhike
October 2005 Niagara Escarpment ; cycling
October 2005 Allgäuer Alps, Germany ; dayhike
October 2005 Barron Canyon and Grant Creek ; Canoe daytrips from Deep River
September 2005 Ile Perrot, Montreal ; Kayak daytrip
September 2005 Horner Lake, Algoma District ; Canoe trip
September 2005 Snake Islands yet again ; Last Bay trip of the year
September 2005 The Tartan Army in Oslo ; Work trip  
August 2005 High Dump, Bruce Peninsula ; Kayak trip
August 2005 Long Point Provincial Park ; Day paddle and skills improvement
July-August 2005 Killarney to Parry Sound, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
July 2005 One Tree Island, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
July 2005 Rennell Sound and Gray Bay, Haida Gwaii, B.C. ; Car camping adventures
July 2005 Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, British Columbia ; Kayak trip
June 2005 Rendezvous 2005 ; Kayak club gathering weekend
June 2005 Snake Island, Georgian Bay ; Kayak skills refresher
June 2005 Point Abino, Lake Erie ; Kayak daytrip
June 2005 Flowerpot Island, Fathom Five National Marine Park ; Kayak trip
May 2005 Big East River, Muskoka, Canoe day trip
May 2005 McCoy Islands, Georgian Bay, Ontario ; Kayak trip
April 2005 El Norte Chico, Chile ; Work trip with goofing off
April 2005 Holman Island, Inuvialuit, NWT; Work trip
April 2005 Yellowknife, NWT; Weekend stopover
March 2005 Iqaluit, Nunavut ; Work trip
January 2005 Helsinki, Finland ; Work trip
January 2005 Franklin, West Virginia and Breathing Cave, Virginia ; Caving trip
December 2004 Quebec City, Quebec ; Work trip
November 2004 Elora Gorge, Ontario ; Day hike
September 2004 Rock Lake, Bruce Mines, Ontario ; Weekend trip home  
August 2004 Traversee de Charlevoix, Quebec ; Aborted multi-day hike
August 2004 Mingan Arichipelago ; Kayak trip
June-July 2004 Arctic Bay, Baffin Island, Nunavut ; Work and exploratory trip
June 2004 Snake Islands, Georgian Bay ; Kayak rescue practice weekend
May 2004 Dead Island, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
April 2004 McCrae Lake, Ontario ; Kayak trip via Georgian Bay
February 2004 Silent Lake, Ontario ; Yurt camping
December 2003 Bruce Mines, Ontario ; Snow shelter comparisons
November 2003 Hamilton Harbour, Lake Ontario ; Urban kayak trip
November 2003 Big Slide Mountain, Adirondack State Park, New York ; Day hike
November 2003 Urban Paddling in Hamilton Harbour ; Kayak day paddle
October 2003 Britt to Dead Island ;Georgian Bay, Kayak trip
September 2003 French River ;Whitewater canoe training weekend
August-Sept. 2003 McCoy and Limestone Islands, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
August 2003 Naiscoot River, Georgian Bay, mudbash ; Kayak trip/drag
August 2003 Bayfield / Charles Inlet, Georgian Bay ; Girls' kayak weekend
August 2003 Moira Cave Exploration ; Caving trip
July 2003 Hattie Cove to Michipicoten, Lake Superior ; Kayak trip
July 2003 Britt to North Naiscoot River, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
June/July 2003 Umbrella Islands, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
June 2003 Snake Islands, Georgian Bay ; Kayak rescue weekend
June 2003 Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, British Columbia ; Solo hike
May 2003 The Massassauga, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
May 2003 Killbear to Sandy Island ; Kayak day trip
April 2003 Blue Ridge, Killarney ; Ultralight bushwhacking backpack
April 2003 Minesing Swamp, Ontario ; Canoe day trip
March 2003 MacKenzie Falls and Lake Superior Ice, Thunder Bay ; Dayhike
March 2003 Silver Falls, Thunder Bay ; Dayhike
March 2003 Norway Lake and Blue Ridge, Killarney ; Winter camping
February 2003 Cyprus Lake Igloo Building ; Winter camping
Feburary 2003 Northern Bruce Peninsula Snowshoeing ; Hotel-based adventure
January 2003 Mew Lake, Algonquin Park ; Yurt camping
December 2002 Singhampton, Ontario ; Dayhike on snowshoes and cave exploration
December 2002 Bat Cave (revisited), Desbarats, Ontario ; Cave exploration
December 2002 Rock Lake, Algoma ; Dogsledding
December 2002 Roberston Lake Cliffs, Algoma ; Dayhike on snowshoes
December 2002 Warsaw Caves, Warsaw, Ontario ; Cave exploration
November 2002 Mount Nemo, Halton Region, Ontario ; Cave exploration
October 2002 Blue Ridge off-trail, Killarney ; Bushwhacking backpack
October 2002 Canoe Lake to Burnt Island Lake, Algonquin Park ; Canoe trip
September 2002 Byng Inlet to Dead Island, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
September 2002 Robertson Lake Cliffs, Algoma ; Dayhike
August 2002 North Tea-Manitou-Biggar Lakes, Algonquin Park ; Canoe trip
August 2002 Little Current-John Island, North Channel ; Kayak trip
July 2002 Michipicoten Island/Pukaskwa Coast, Lake Superior ; Kayak trip
June 2002 Ottawa-Kingston, Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour ; Supported bike trip
June 2002 Franklin Island, Georgian Bay ; Instuctional kayak weekend
April 2002 Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula NP ; Hiking weekend
December 2001 Bat Cave, Desbarats, Ontario ; Cave exploration
September 2001 Jubilee-Moccasin-Misty Lakes, Algonquin PP ; Canoe trip
July 2001 Michipicoten River-Agawa Bay, Lake Superior ; Kayak trip
May 2001 Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula NP ; Hiking weekend
Feburary 2001 Kaslo and West Kootenays ; Winter adventures
August 2000 Key River-Bustard Islands-French River, Georgian Bay ; Kayak trip
August 1999 Sinclair Cove-Gargantua, Lake Superior ; Kayak trip
June 1999 Canoe-Tepee-Tom Thompson-Brule-Mackintosh Lakes, Algonquin ; Canoe trip

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